Arthur Wilfred Bazeley

Name Arthur Wilfred Bazeley
Corps Royal Navy
Rank Able Seaman
Service No. J22779
Date/Place of entry 6 February 1913
Date of death 1957

Arthur Wilfrid Bazeley was born in July 1896 at Greatworth, Northamptonshire. He was the eldest of the seven children of waggoner Ernest Bazeley, a great nephew of Rhoda Lines nee Bazeley, and his wife Rebecca nee Sumner.

Arthur joined the Royal Navy on 6 February 1913 and left on 2nd September 1926. Early in the war he served for a short time on the ships HMS Crescent, a 1st class cruiser and HMS Orion, a dreadnought battleship. From November 1915 to October 1917 he served on another cruiser, HMS Blenheim followed by a stint on the destroyer HMS Rattlesnake until March 1918. He ended the war on the submarine depot ship HMS Lucia but stayed in the navy until September 1926. His naval record consistently describes his conduct as very good.

The last ship on which he served was the warship HMS Renown, built in 1916. Renown served as the flagship of the Battlecruiser Squadron while HMS Hood was refitted. She and her sister HMS Repulse were then the world's fastest capital ships (i.e. the largest and most important warships, carrying the heaviest firepower). During the 2nd World War the Renown was involved in both the search for the Admiral Graf Spee and the search for the Bismarck.

In 1936 Arthur married Ethel Maud Warner, and at her death in 1955 he was a postal worker. He died in 1957 in Sidcup.

Arthur Wilfred was a second cousin of Owen George Lines, Henry William Lines and Frederick Albert Lines, and of Ernest Cowley. He was first cousin to Albert Bazeley, Edmond White Bazeley and Frank Walter Bazeley; these last four were great nephews of Rhoda Lines nee Bazeley.

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