Charles Henry Aldwinckle

Name Charles Henry Aldwinckle
Corps 30th (City of London) Battalion (Royal Fusiliers), formerly  Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
Rank Lance Corporal
Service No. 801679, 2047
Date/Place of entry -
Date of death 1969
Memorial/Grave -

Charles Henry Aldwinckle was born in 1892 in Leicester, the son of John Edwin Aldwinckle and his wife Joanna nee Lenton. John Edwin was born in Cottingham and spent his early years in Church Street but moved to Leicester and married there in 1889. He was a police officer for several years but after his marriage he moved to Melton Mowbray and became the publican of the White Hart for the next thirty two years. His son Charles Henry was back in Leicester working as a barman in 1911.

His War Medal index card shows Charles Henry was a private, then a lance corporal in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment, later holding the same rank in the 30th (City of London) Battalion (Royal Fusiliers) the London Regiment. Which battalion of the former he served in is not stated, nor is the date he joined the Royal Fusiliers. The 30th was formed in the late summer of 1915 as a reserve battalion, and converted in September 1916 into the 106th Training Reserve Battalion in 24th Reserve Brigade.

In 1939 Charles Henry’s father John Edwin died and he was one of the executors of the will; his occupation then was given as ganger. He died in Melton Mowbray in 1969.

For an account of the historic extended Aldwinckle family see John Bartholomew Aldwinckle. The following list gives the names of all known servicemen who were descended from Aldwinckles living Cottingham and Middleton in the nineteenth century.

(I also have information on a further five servicemen descended from the Aldwinckle family of Drayton in Leicestershire whose ancestors moved there from Cottingham in the eighteenth century. They are Ernest Aldwinckle, George Harry Aldwinckle, William Harold Aldwinckle, Herbert Aldwinckle and William James Aldwinckle. Please contact me <> if you would like to know more.)

Servicemen descended from Thomas Aldwinckle (1816-1899):
William Augustus Aldwinckle, Ralph Aldwinckle and Ernest Henry Aldwinckle.

Servicemen descended from Henry Aldwinckle (1770-1842):
John Bartholomew Aldwinckle, Charles Henry Aldwinckle, Arthur Edwin Aldwinckle, Frederick Wade Coles, Albert Edward Aldwinckle, Archibald Aldwinckle, Frank Aldwinckle, Harry Aldwinckle, William John Aldwinckle,  Harry Aldwinckle, George Robert Aldwinckle, Thomas Aldwinckle
and Walter Aldwinckle.

Servicemen descended from William Aldwinckle (1807-1891):
Bartle Essex Aldwinckle, Charles Reginald Burdett, Alfred Norman Burdett and William Edward Burdett.

Servicemen descended from John Aldwinckle (1817-1884):
John Aldwinckle, Percy Aldwinckle, Henry Aldwinckle and Bernard Aldwinckle.